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Why Work in eDiscovery?

eDiscovery is a rapidly growing field that offers a variety of exciting career opportunities

Why Work in eDiscovery?

eDiscovery is a rapidly growing field that offers a variety of exciting career opportunities. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in technology, eDiscovery could be a great fit for you.


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working in eDiscovery:


High demand: The demand for eDiscovery professionals is high and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This is due to the increasing volume of electronic data that is being created and stored, as well as the increasing complexity of litigation.


Variety of opportunities: There are a variety of eDiscovery career opportunities available, from entry-level positions to senior-level positions. You can work in-house for a law firm or corporation, or you can work for an eDiscovery vendor.


Challenging and rewarding work: eDiscovery work is challenging and rewarding. You will have the opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to help clients resolve disputes and protect their interests.


Competitive salaries and benefits: eDiscovery professionals earn competitive salaries and benefits. The salary range for eDiscovery professionals varies depending on experience, skills, and location.


If you are interested in a career in eDiscovery, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, you should obtain the necessary skills and knowledge. There are several eDiscovery training programs available. You can also gain experience by working as an intern or volunteer for an eDiscovery firm.


Second, you should network with other eDiscovery professionals. Attend industry events and conferences and connect with people on LinkedIn. Networking will help you learn about new opportunities and make connections that could lead to a job.


Finally, you should be persistent. The eDiscovery field is competitive, but with the right preparation and perseverance, you can find a rewarding career in this growing field.


Here are some of the skills and knowledge that you will need to succeed in an eDiscovery career:


Technical skills: You will need to have strong technical skills, including proficiency in data storage and retrieval, data analysis, and document review.


Legal knowledge: You will need to have a basic understanding of the law, including the rules of civil procedure and the discovery process.


Communication skills: You will need to be able to communicate effectively with clients, lawyers, and other stakeholders.


Problem-solving skills: You will need to be able to identify and solve problems that arise during the eDiscovery process.


If you have these skills and knowledge, you will be well on your way to a successful career in eDiscovery.




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Katey Horne


18 July 2023